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Famous People from Söderhamn

Skier Anders Södergren

Skier Anders Södergren

Söderhamn has produced some famous people. Former jazz musician Jan Johansson played alongside Stan Getz in the 1950's. Today, prominent natives and residents of Söderhamn include skier Anders Södergren, jazz musician Thomas Jutterström, singers Anna “Sahlene" Sahlin and Monica Törnell, and soccer player Petter Hansson.

Archbishop Nathan Söderblom was born at Trönö parsonage in 1866. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1930. The parsonage is taken care of as a local museum by the local heritage society. In Nathan's memory, a “Söderblom Play" is performed in the summer in the parsonage courtyard by a cast of amateur and professional actors.

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