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Contacts for Cooperation

The municipality of Söderhamn has a long tradition of cooperation with other countries, both within and outside the European Union.

International cooperation is a way to provide development. We are always interested in new partners and opportunities to cooperate.

Project Office/EU Office

The Project Office of the municipality of Söderhamn is located in the city hall/Rådhuset. We cooperate closely with the leadership of the municipality. The Project Office provides assistance by improving, streamlining and supporting various projects in the municipality of Söderhamn. We offer assistance in finding project partners, keeping in touch with programme secretariats and planning and working in a project, to ensure successful procurement of more advanced projects and development work.


Are you interested in cooperating with the Municipality of Söderhamn?

Please contact our project office,

Söderhamn project office
Ms Maria Svensson (international contacts)
Phone +46(0)270-753 13
E-mail: maria.svensson@soderhamn.se

Municipality of Söderhamn

S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-750 00
Fax + 46 270-411 63

International Contacts

Söderhamn Project office
Maria Svensson
Phone +46(0)270-753 13
E-mail: maria.svensson@soderhamn.se

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