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Flygbild över Söderhamn

Welcome to Söderhamn

Söderhamn is a coastal community in southern Hälsingland, three hours travel time north of Stockholm and Arlanda Airport.

Söderhamn has a beautiful archipelago, important both for our inhabitants and for visitors to Söderhamn. The archipelago offers a wealth of opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

The countryside is surrounded by the "blue hills" and deep forests of the province Hälsingland.

In the village of Söderala you find Erik-Anders, which is part of UNESCO's world heritage list. Erik-Anders is a large, richly decorated, wooden farmhouse with associated farm buildings, reflecting the peak of prosperity for the farming landscape in the 19th century and the social status of its farmers.

The municipality of Söderhamn has a population of about 25,000, whereof 12,000 inhabit the central town.

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Municipality of Söderhamn

S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-750 00
Fax + 46 270-411 63

Tourist Information

S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-753 53
Fax +46 270-173 68

Granskad/Uppdaterad: 2018-03-05

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