At Drömverkstan, if you are interested in art you have the opportunity to create your own artwork or try different artistic techniques and materials - or maybe you love painting, drawing, pottery, carving wood or casting in plaster. It could also be a way to go out and meet new friends of your own age who share the same interests with you. You also have an opportunity to work towards your own solo exhibition through our gallery.

At Drömverkstaden, we try to keep noise at a minimum as well as maintain a clean and tidy enviroment.

We have four studios that are filled with materials for various purposes:

- In Snickeriet example, you can carve butter knives, build small toys or design a wooden bowl. There is access to various tools and machines. The machines may only be used by staff or if you are over 18 and are familiar with using these types of machines you can use them on your own. Otherwise the staff will help you.

• In the sewing section there is fabric material so that, for example, you can sew a bag, a pillow, embroider a fine cloth, or knit a scarf. We have some sewing machines that you can use when you are here. If you need assistance, the staff will help you.

• In the large studio, you have access to many materials you may need for all your art creations.

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